Cash in the trash

Due to the increasing number of elderly people dying alone, many of their belongings are thrown away without being inspected. Sometimes they keep a lot of cash at home without telling their families, and it ends up getting thrown away.


Pigeon takes the JR

Just a pigeon on his way to work. I wonder if he has a commuter pass.

Lazy bird taking a train


Elephant communication

Elephant sanctuary staff believe that an elephant heard about their sanctuary from another elephant, and used that second-hand knowledge to seek help after being shot by poachers.



Costco doesn’t put signs in their stores to indicate where different things are, and it’s on purpose. This idea is to make you walk around the store more and see more things that you might end up buying.


Otter playground

If someone asked me what a playground for otters would look like, I would imagine something like this.


Dog’s first toy

This dog was rescued from an abusive home, and now he gets to pick his first toy for his new home! It looks like he’s taking the decision very seriously!

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