Riverfest in U.S.

As many people might know, my hometown is Little Rock, Arkansas. Every year in early spring, the city has a music festival next to the Arkansas River called Riverfest. Each year several thousand people go to the downtown area to eat, drink, take pictures, and listen to music. The lineup includes all types of music, including rock, country, hip-hop, and classical orchestra pieces.

But, the second most important part of any festival is the food. Arkansas is in the southern U.S., and so we love barbecue and deep fried food. Eat it with some iced tea or lemonade and it’s a perfect festival day. My personal favorite is BBQ pork tacos with pink lemonade. But, there are all kinds of options like fried pickles, turkey legs, homemade sausages, and all kinds of food from other countries.

Then, at sunset on Saturday, there’s a big fireworks show that’s set off from the old Arkansas Train Bridge. The bridge itself is a very interesting part of the city, because the city tried to demolish the bridge, however, it is so well built that the explosives didn’t damage it. So, now it’s both a historical landmark, and a nice place to launch fireworks.

Riverfest is one of my favorite memories form growing up in Arkansas, because everyone there can find something to enjoy, and it’s a great atmosphere filled with music, food, and all kinds of people.


冬季休校のお知らせ 2018/2019



千葉校・船橋校・新橋校:2018/12/21(金)~ 2019/1/4(金)

新宿校:2018/12/21(金)~ 2019/1/5(土)





It’s that time of year when the teachers and staff of Jabble spend time with loves ones and overeat. Please don’t judge our weight gain in the new year. We will work our hardest to slim down. While we are away please enjoy your time and think of some good stories to tell us. We will have some for you. Thank you always for being part of the Jabble family. Know that we care about each and everyone of you dearly. Thinking about you over our holidays! Happy holidays to all! Happy New Year 2019!

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Wrestling at Kameido Tenjin Festival 亀戸天神祭りのプロレス

Jabble 英会話 Wrestling at Kameido Tenjin Festival 亀戸天神祭りのプロレス

A couple weeks ago we headed to Kameido’s Tenjin Festival. On the way to the festival it was pretty quiet so I was wondering if there was actually a festival going on.

But when we arrived, we were not disappointed! Pro wrestling baby! I’m not a huge fan of wrestling (I was when I was a kid), but I have to admit, seeing it live was pretty awesome! Seeing the wrestlers doing flips off of the ropes was amazing. The wrestlers were really nice as well. After it was all finished, they stayed around to take pictures and sign autographs.

Events like this always remind me how incredible Japan is. Where else in the world can you see pro wrestling set against the backdrop of a shrine and Sky Tree?! Methinks not too many places.

Tenjin Shrine’s website:

Well, another great day off in Japan!

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千葉校・船橋校・新宿校・新橋校: 2018/08/10 ( 2018/08/17 ()




Halong Bay, Vietnam ハロン湾 ベトナム

For Golden Week I got the chance to spend five days in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was a great country with really nice people and excellent food. Here is a picture of me with the guys at Halong Bay.

And here is a bowl of pho that was only about ¥150!

Oh!…and the beer was about ¥70!

I can see Vietnam in my future. Ha ha!






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Winter Olympics drone light show

They used 1218 drones for this awesome light show at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. It’s pretty impressive how far drones have come in recent years. I wonder how they prevent unlicensed drones from filming the Olympics in outdoor events these days. They probably use other drones to take them down.


What’s the best show you have seen on Netflicks?

Nowadays it’s so easy to just start up a movie or TV show wherever you are. We can thank on-line
companies like Net flicks. I’ve watched a lot of good stuff on Net flicks so I’ll tell you about my
favorite TV shows. It’s always so tough to narrow down favorite shows to just one but I’ll have to go
with Black Mirror. Black Mirror is a British TV series best described as a psychological thriller series.
Each episode is one story not really connected to the other episodes. The focus of each episode is
how humanity as invested too much of itself into technology. This show is superb and I cannot
recommend it enough. It can be pretty dark but overall the show is interesting and really makes you


What did you think of Star Wars 8; The Last Jedi?

I watched the newest Star Wars movie: The Last Jedi during my New Year’s holiday. I’ll be honest. While the movie was entertaining as a sci-fi movie, it really disappointed me. I thought a lot of the scenes in the movie were really silly. I sighed throughout the movie. I think the movie is worth a watch for the action scenes but some of it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

How about you? What did you think of it?


Where’s the best hamburger you had in Tokyo or Chiba area?

The other day I went to Shake Shack. I had heard good things about it so I was excited to try it out. When I got to the restaurant near Tokyo Station it was busy. After looking at a menu I ordered a Double Shack burger and regular fries.  The fries were really good but I thought the burger was too soft and mushy. I realized it was fast food. It’s a little higher quality than McDonalds but actually I prefer Burger King’s Whoppers.  Overall I give Shake Shack a 6/10

So I ask you. Where’s the best hamburger you had in Tokyo or Chiba area?